Insolvency Law Section

The Insolvency Law Section

The need to constitute a permanent expert group aiming at improving the insolvency and rehabilitation law was being emphasised during the first Allerhand Insolvency Roundtable conference entitled “Economy and insolvency law in Poland and the international standards”. Declarations made by the representatives of different circles resulted in the formation of the Insolvency Law Section on 10 May 2010.

This Section groups representatives of all legal circles dealing with the insolvency and rehabilitation proceedings, as well as the theoreticians, which ensures comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach.

The aims of the Section match the mission and goals of the Allerhand Institute. The Section conducts research in the area of insolvency and rehabilitation law; organizes conferences, engages in teaching activity, prepares legal opinions, participates in the lawmaking process and cooperates with other entities.

The Section comprises experts who are professionals in the different areas of the insolvency and rehabilitation law. Thus, it is possible to form groups that deal with specific projects. The cooperation within the Section is based on networking (including the internet forum) and regular meetings. Research work can be carried out at the premises of the Institute. Our library offers a wide selection of books and articles.

District Judge Janusz Płoch is the President of the Section, while Judge Zbigniew Miczek and  Paweł Kuglarz, attorney-at-law are the Vice-Presidents.

Mr Bartosz Groele is the Secretary of this Section.

The Presidium of this Section comprises: the President, the Vice-President, Professor Dariusz Wędzki, Marek Porzycki, PhD, Judge Tadeusz Czarnota, Professor Rafał Adamus, the Secretary.

If you want to join the Section, please send your CV and cover letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .