Training at the Institute

Allerhand Institute conducts continuous recruitment for the training.

Is this offer is for you?

If you are a student of III-V year, your knowledge of foreign language (English or German) is at a very good or higher level, you have a lot of energy, you want to grow, and you are an independent and creative, it is you are looking for!

Which possibility does the trening open up?

Activity in the Institute is primarily the opportunity to work with some of the best Polish specialists in fields such as law, economics and finance. During the training, you take an active part in realizing the idea of the Institute by co-organization of conferences, workshops, lectures, writing opinions, reports, and much more. In addition, you have the opportunity to realize your interest by choosing to engage in scientific work of the Institute, proposing and implementing their own new ideas, or contributions - through the contribution of your work - to the success of previously launched projects.

How does the recruitment process look like?

First of all, complete the form below and attach your resume . Particular attention is paid to the field in which we ask the reason why you want to join our center and how you would like to meet with us.

We read all messages carefully and respond to all. Selected applicants will be invited for an interview, during which we get to know closer and each other and present our expectations, we talk about convenient for you training hours and subject area in which you want to get involved. The successful outcome of the interview allows you to start the practice even the next day. Training lasts 3 months and is free.

Training at the Institute