Academic Association

Allerhand Institute Academic Association brings together supporters ready to actively support its activities. It is modeled on the best foreign academic patterns, as well as the experience, which provides the history of Polish science. The company offers a participatory formula for individuals focused on environmental cooperation (networking), exchange of contacts, as well as identifying and addressing problems common to the whole environment and essential for the prosperity of the country.

AA members have the opportunity to establish research collaboration with Institute in various forms, including initiating thematic meetings in the Institute, to present their current research achievements on the Institute and meetings (in the form of lectures, talks, moderated the discussion) or to participate the current projects carried out by Institute.

Current members of the Allerhand Institute Academic Association are:

  • Kinga Bauer, PhD
  • Mec. Jolanta Budzowska
  • Mec. Benedykt Fiutowski
  • Janusz Fiołka, PhD
  • Łukasz Franczak
  • Krzysztof Grabowski
  • Filip Grzegorczyk, PhD
  • Mec. Eugeniusz Brunon Kann-Bogomilski
  • Krystian Robert Kopka
  • Grzegorz Krawiec, PhD
  • Luigi Lai
  • Mec. Marcin Lampart
  • Mec. Beata Machcińska
  • Prof. Czesław Mesjasz
  • Janusz A. Milewski
  • Grzegorz Pacek
  • Mec. Roman Krzysztof Porwisz
  • Mariusz Purgał
  • Mec. Marek Puwalski
  • Olga Sachabińska
  • Mec. Katarzyna Skowrońska
  • Katarzyna Anna Skowrońska
  • Dawid Sobczyński
  • Urszula Walasek-Walczak
  • Prof. Dariusz Wędzki
  • Beata Wieczerzyńska, PhD

In order to join the Academic Association:

  1. Read Regulation.
  2. Make a membership fee.
  3. Fill out the form below (include bank transfer confirmation and CV).