What am I paid for

What am I paid for?
The idea behind this project is to tell the young lawyers about interesting (and often unconventional) career paths. All guest speakers are law graduates who have outstanding achievements and who are specialists in their fields, but who did not choose the typical career path. Arkadiusz Radwan, PhD is the host of the project.

Each meeting in the series is divided into two parts:

I. Moderated discussion (approx. 45 min.)when an invited Leader answers the following, or similar, questions:

  1. How to find your place in the current job market?
  2. What skills seem to be helpful to achieve this goal?
  3. What makes you stand out from the crowd of other candidates?
  4. What objectives do you need to follow to choose a right career path?
  5. What influences the most the job we do – acquired experience, a network of contacts, or just a coincidence?
  6. To what extent have the studies you completed influenced the choice of your future job?
  7. Why have you decided not to work in your profession?
  8. What legal professions seem to be the most promising for the future?
  9. What professions, apart from the legal ones, seem to guarantee the best opportunities for young people?

II.Free discussion with the audience (approx. 45minutes)

The first meeting of the series: ” What am I paid for?” is planned for the 2nd half of November. For more details, visit us soon!