Allerhand Lecture Series

Allerhand Lecture Series

Allerhand Lecture Series is a series of lectures given by experts on the most up-to-date topics relating to law (and often combined with many different aspects, such as economic, sociological or technical). Following the lecture there is a facilitated discussion with the speaker. The project started on November 18, 2011, when Mr Krzysztof Grabowski, who is a stockbroker, delivered a lecture entitled "The shareholders´ rights directive – a model legislative process and its consequences for the application of law". The second lecture entitled "Spilling Coffee at McDonald's, Class Actions at Wal-Mart, and 'Fire at Will’: The American Legal System and its Impact on Business" was delivered by Professor Charles Szymanski (Michigan State University College of Law, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania).

    • Allerhand Lecture Series (23.02.2012) : dr Jacek Lachner oraz Bartosz Groele


    • Allerhand Lecture Series (1.02.2012) : Prof. Leah Wortham


    • Allerhand Lecture Series (6.12.2011) : Prof. Charles Szymanski


    • Allerhand Lecture Series (18.11.2011) : Krzysztof Grabowski