Allerhand Lecture Series is a series of lectures given by experts on the most up-to-date topics relating to law (and often combined with many different aspects, such as economic, sociological or technical). Following the lecture there is a facilitated discussion with the speaker.

Each meeting in the series is divided into two parts:

I.Moderated discussion (approx. 45 min.)when an invited Leader answers the following, or similar, questions:

  1. Is there a universal key to success? What is the definition of success?
  2. Making your dreams come true – how to start?
  3. What challenges shape the Leader’s personality?
  4. What events and people decide about the Leader’s career? What real-life situations were the most valuable for him and taught him/her most?
  5. Are you satisfied with the way you have solved the encountered problems?
  6. What does it mean to be a Leader?
  7. Among the features that characterize Leaders, you may find:
    1. ability to produce innovative ideas
    2. ability to attain the determined goals
    3. ability to cooperate with other people and maintain the relationship thanks to motivation, creativity and a positive attitude – how does the Leader define his/her strong points and why this way?
  8. Who is the Leader’s role model, authority, mentor to follow?

II.Free discussion with the audience (approx. 45minutes)

The first meeting of the Leadership series took place on October 21, 2011. Among the guests invited, you could find such names as Patricia Hetter Kelso and John D. Menke, who are the undisputed leaders in the introduction of employee ownership to the companies in the United States, and the proponents of this idea all over the world.