INSO conferences

Since 2009 the Allerhand Institute has been implementing INSO conference project. Its aim is to bring together a diverse community that approaches issues within the field of insolvency law by providing the venue for law and economics scholars and practitioners dealing with insolvency and reorganisation. INSO comprises two main profiles: INSO FORUM and INSO FOCUS. INSO FORUM is an annual "Insolvency Law Summit". Its main goal is to encourage the specialists within the field of insolvency law, economics and management to share the results of their studies and to express their opinions on many subjects related to insolvency. INSO FOCUS is a series of specialist conferences that are held on irregular basis in order to deeply analyse the clearly defined aspects and problems of insolvency law and business development. In 2011, a conference was held within the framework of INSO FOCUS. It was devoted to the problems of intellectual property. The conference took place on December 13-14, 2011 at the University of Rzeszów. Several problems relating both to insolvency law and to the intellectual property were discussed during the meeting, for example the valuation of intellectual property of an insolvent enterprise, the right to the legal business name of such enterprise and to the sales of know-how as a part of bankruptcy estate sale.

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