Economic Analysis of Law

On May 15th, 2010 Prof. Robert D.Cooter from  the University of California at Berkeley gave a lecture on "Economic Analysis of Law."

Professor Robert D. Cooter is a graduate of Harvard and Oxford Universities, an experienced lecturer and co-direction of economic analysis of law (Law & Economics), whom many lawyers owe to understand the role of economics and the economy - the importance of law in economic analysis and the determinants of economic growth.

During the lecture Professor talked about:

  •      What is the economic analysis of law?
  •      Do economization of law strengthens and guarantees the justice?
  •      Does the law is guilty of the financial crisis?
  •      The role of property rights in the success of the Polish transformation.

The lecture was preceded by a meeting with the author and promotion of his book "Economic Analysis of Law" in EMPiK.