In pursuing its mission the Allerhand Institute wishes to enrich the public domain by making available the results of its studies and research to institutions which create and carry out law in Poland and the European Union, (i.e.. The Commission for Codification of Private Law, The Governmental Centre for Legislation, The Bureau of Parliamentary Analyses, The European Commission,The European Parliament, The OECD and other bodies and international agencies).

The Institute recognizes an important part of its mission is to share Polish experiences with countries undergoing regime changes, similar to those in Poland path in the last two decades. The Institute is involved in expert support, research projects and cooperation, mostly with the Ukraine and other CIS countries.

One particularly important aspect of its mission is its involvement in projects with emerging economies such as China and India, which have been playing an important role in commercial exchange recently, There are numerous research centres in the world which already work on legal aspects of trade, enterpreneurship and investments in the Far East. The Allerhand Institute wishes to meet these needs in Poland, and thus to fill this important niche in the market.