We present working paper on Consumer Insolvency Proceedings in Poland.

We are pleased to present working paper on Consumer Insolvency Proceedings in Poland by Marek Porzycki (Jagiellonian University, Allerhand Institute) and Anna Rachwał (Jagiellonian University).The above paper is a draft chapter from the comparative study „Consumer Insolvency Proceedings in the European Union, Switzerland and Russia” supervised by Dr. Veronika Sajadova, Prof. Thomas Kadner (University of Geneva) and Prof. Juris Bojars (University of Latvia). The result of the above studies is planned to be published in 2016.We do hope you will find the working paper interesting and useful.

The file is available here

We present full report of the III Allerhand Litigation & ADR Summit 2015 which took place on 7th May 2015 in Warsaw.

We are pleased to present  the III Allerhand Litigation & ADR Report 2015. Document is based on the information presented at the conference held on on 7th May 2015 in Warsaw.

The Allerhand Litigation & ADR Summit is the annual conference for legal practitioners, business and law firm representatives. We are very proud that our event is also well recognised across academia and  regulatory institutions. The discussion of this year’s Summit concentrated on the protection of foreign investments in Poland and the European Union, The EU ADR Directive and the Polish case and the issue of effectiveness of the provisions of Article 417 et seq. of the Civil Code from the perspective of experience and in light of planned recent amendments.

We do hope you will find report interested and useful. The file is available here

Enhancement of investor protection with a recent Ukrainan Company law reform

29th May 2015

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed new Law On introduction of amendments into some legislative acts of Ukraine as to protection of investors’ rights.

The new Law marks an important step towards more efficient and protective legal framework for minority shareholders in Ukraine. The new legislation incorporates some of the recommendations made in the recent study “Assessment of approximation level of the present company, corporate governance, accounting and auditing legislation and existing practices in Ukraine to EU standards and practices”. The study was prepared by a team of experts led by dr Arkadiusz Radwan, president of the Allerhand Institute and supported by Mariana Nakonechna, research associate of the Allerhand Institute.


The Council of the EU agreed on a text for a draft SUP-Directive

29th May 2015

The Council of the EU agreed on a compromise text for a draft directive aimed at creating a new status for single-member private limited liability companies (SOCIETAS UNIUS PERSONAE).