We present full report of the III Allerhand Litigation & ADR Summit 2015 which took place on 7th May 2015 in Warsaw.

We are pleased to present  the III Allerhand Litigation & ADR Report 2015. Document is based on the information presented at the conference held on on 7th May 2015 in Warsaw.

The Allerhand Litigation & ADR Summit is the annual conference for legal practitioners, business and law firm representatives. We are very proud that our event is also well recognised across academia and  regulatory institutions. The discussion of this year’s Summit concentrated on the protection of foreign investments in Poland and the European Union, The EU ADR Directive and the Polish case and the issue of effectiveness of the provisions of Article 417 et seq. of the Civil Code from the perspective of experience and in light of planned recent amendments.

We do hope you will find report interested and useful. The file is available here

Enhancement of investor protection with a recent Ukrainan Company law reform

29th May 2015

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed new Law On introduction of amendments into some legislative acts of Ukraine as to protection of investors’ rights.

The new Law marks an important step towards more efficient and protective legal framework for minority shareholders in Ukraine. The new legislation incorporates some of the recommendations made in the recent study “Assessment of approximation level of the present company, corporate governance, accounting and auditing legislation and existing practices in Ukraine to EU standards and practices”. The study was prepared by a team of experts led by dr Arkadiusz Radwan, president of the Allerhand Institute and supported by Mariana Nakonechna, research associate of the Allerhand Institute.


The Council of the EU agreed on a text for a draft SUP-Directive

29th May 2015

The Council of the EU agreed on a compromise text for a draft directive aimed at creating a new status for single-member private limited liability companies (SOCIETAS UNIUS PERSONAE).


Allerhand Institute in 5 ‘W’s

Who (we are) -  The Allerhand Institute is a legal think tank, an institute of advanced legal studies that acts at the nexus of law and economics. The Institute’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality and transparency of law in Poland, and raise the legal awareness of society.

The Institute specializes in company law, commercial law, insolvency law, intellectual property law, financial markets and regulations, corporate governance , organization of the judiciary, as well as human rights and business and CSR. 

Research activity, applying such tools as the economic analysis of law, is at the core of the Institute’s activities, transposing the expert knowledge of its members and associates into specific actions aimed at improving the quality of the legal system in Poland.


What (we do) – We are involved in number of initiatives but the most know include:

  • Allerhand Summits. One of the Institute’s aims is to create platform of discussion and ideas exchange between lawyers, economists, policy makers, regulators and academia. Every year we organise conferences which discuss themes important to the above audience. Allerhand Summits cover areas such as: Tax; Financial Regulations; Mediation and Arbitration; Insolvency; Estate Law; Procurement Law; Intellectual Property Law; Employment Law.
  • Allerhand Training. Experts we work with are happy to share their knowledge with those who wish develop understanding of company and civil law. We currently offer training in consumer bankruptcy legislation; bankruptcy and restructuring law.
  • Allerhand Advocacy. Knowledge and expertise generated in Allerhand Institute is also used to identify those areas of Polish/European legislation which need to re-think and/or improved. We believe that more efficient legislation system support economy growth.
  • Allerhand Research. Research initiatives including applying such tools as the economic analysis of law, is at the core of the Institute’s activities. We transpose expertise of the Institute’s members and associates into specific actions aimed at improving the quality of the legal system in Poland. 
  • Centre of Foreign Law Analyses. Centre concentrates on preparation of analysis of the foreign judicial systems in the context of cases lodged in Polish courts. We offer support to courts, Government Agencies and private enterprises which seek analysis of foreign legislation. 
  • Allerhand Publishing. We do share our knowledge with law practitioners, academia a members of the public. Publications are available on Institute’s website, library and store.


Where (we based) – We are based in Krakow. Please find our contact details below. 

Plac Sikorskiego 2/7 

31-115 Kraków, Polska


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tel.: + 48 (12) 341 46 48 

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Wydział XI Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego Sądu Rejonowego dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia w Krakowie

Although we are based in Krakow, most of our Allerhand Summits initiatives are held in Warsaw. So if you want to visit us at headquarter please come to Krakow, if you want join au the summits please come to Warsaw.



Why (we bother) – Because we do care about the legislation system in Poland and Europe. Law has direct influence on quality of our everyday life and we want to have influence over the juridical system. We offer our expertise and experience to those who practice law and are involved in its creation.


When (we started) – The Allerhand Institute was officially registered in 2010. The name of the organisation comes from our Patron – Prof. Maurycy Allerhand, who was a member of Polish Codification Committee and Tribunal of State before Second World War.

We do not plan the end date for our activities.


Strona: www.allerhand.pl 

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