Seminar entitled "The rule of law has many faces - the rule of law over me".

We are pleased to announce that on 6th October 2016 at 16.30 in the Allerhand Institute (pl. Sikorskiego 2/7) the interdisciplinary discussion on the concept of RULE OF LAW, its definition and perception in Poland and in the world, and its importance for economic development and civic awareness of Polish society, will take place.


Success in the European Parliament's call for tender

We are happy to inform of a successful bid in the European Parliament's call for tender No. IP/C/JURI/FWC/2015-002. An international expert group under the leadership of the law firm Tark Grunte Sutkiene has been awarded the Lot 3: COMPANY LAW under the Multiple Framework Service Contract for the provision of external expertise to the European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs. Member of the said expert group is dr ARKADIUSZ RADWAN, President of the Allerhand Institute.

Conference on "Public Procurement in State Aid and Competition law"

We are pleased to announce that on 12th May 2016  in Chisinau in Moldova will be held an international conference on "Public Procurement in State Aid and Competition law" organized by the Institute Allerhand in cooperation with Moldavian Council of Competition. The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. Poland will be represented by three eminent lawyers, Grzegorz Pizoń, Dr. Szymon Syp and Dr. Magdalena Czajkowska. The project is scheduled a debate on the role of NGOs in promoting competition law. The details of the conference will be informed on a regular basis.



Labor Law and Free Trade in Allerhand Institute

Both the US and EU have concluded numerous free trade agreements with various countries around the globe, and currently are negotiating a free trade agreement with each other (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership -TTIP). The idea is that protectionism is generally harmful to the economy, even in highly developed countries, and free trade benefits the consumer and expands export markets.